SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is a process that involves optimizing a website for specific keywords in order to improve its search engine ranking. Softmium is pleased to provide search engine optimization services to businesses who are looking to increase their website traffic, sales, or visitors. We are a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services to our clients all over the world. And SEO is mandatory for almost all kinds of businesses.

Our SEO experts will optimize your website for highly searched keywords relating to your industry, resulting in increased organic traffic and search engine rankings. A higher search ranking brings more traffic and sales opportunities. Furthermore, in today’s fast-paced digital world, every business requires a strong digital presence in order to survive and generate income. As a result, practically every firm requires SEO to stay afloat.

Why Every Business Needs SEO Agency?

For a successful business, every company, large or little, requires a solid SEO strategy. It makes no difference whether you have an online store or your business centers around selling stuff in a physical store. You’ll always need a strong online presence.

When most people need anything, they search for it online, and they always go for the top results in the search engine. There are lower chances of getting business or traffic if you do not rank high.

That is why you need a professional SEO team that can help you in this matter and assists you rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs). That will assist you in gaining organic search traffic and increasing your chances of making sales.

What is Included In Softmium’s SEO Service?

Softmium’s SEO service is specifically developed to help websites rank higher for as many business-related keywords as possible. Because of our white hat SEO strategies, we have a proven track record of websites ranking higher on Google and other search engines with zero spam scores.

With a strong and long-lasting SERPs dominance plan, you can stay ahead of the competition. Our SEO experts will do a deep analysis first, after which we will devise a unique and professional optimization approach to help you rank higher and generate more sales and traffic. Furthermore, all of our tactics and practices have been thoroughly evaluated and shown to have 0% spam possibility.

The practices listed below are part of our total SEO solution for your website.

Website Audit Report

As stated above, the first thing we will do is do a thorough analysis of your website and generate a report detailing the problems and positive aspects of the site. The SEO audit report includes search engine spam score, text to HTML ratio, on-page & off-page SEO analysis, image analysis, website speed, indexing issues, etc.

The audit report will guide and assist us in developing a unique white hat SEO approach. That will help us rank your website in all search engines. Softmium has a dedicated team of experts who will thoroughly examine the website from every angle before generating a final audit report.

Competitor Analysis

After the audit report, the most important thing to do is do a competitor analysis. You should not enter the river unless you are certain of its depth. And, in order to establish a successful search engine dominance plan, you must first analyze your competitors. Without a strong business plan, no company can succeed. And competitor analysis is the most basic requirement for any strategy or plan.

SEO is a dynamic field that changes on a daily basis. Google and other search engines are constantly improving their optimization algorithms, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of results for an extended period of time. In-depth competitor analysis is the only thing that can assist a website stay on top. This will allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition and benefit from increased organic traffic and sales.

The competitor analysis report includes their keyword strategy, content strategy, backlinking strategy, and a glimpse of their SEO plan which is very helpful for developing a successful project.

On-Page Off-Page

On-page SEO is the main ingredient of any optimization process. Almost every search engine gives 70% credit to the on-page or onsite optimization. So, that’s why this is the most important SEO practice, and Softmium will significantly improve on-page SEO and push your website to new heights.

The on-page SEO tactics revolve around highly searched keywords implementation, optimizing headings, meta descriptions, heading structure, internal linking, schema tags for rich snippets, and many other proven onsite/on-page techniques. All of our onsite optimization techniques and procedures have been shown to be effective and spam-free. We exclusively use white hat SEO strategies that comply with Google and other search engine guidelines.

Technical SEO

It’s a waste of time and effort to perform SEO on a broken and slow website. That is where technical SEO comes into play; it is a process in which Softmum’s highly qualified website developers thoroughly test the website and resolve all technical difficulties. Such as loading speed, sitemap, error 404, user experience, and so on.

When a website loads quickly, most internet users trust it more, and they feel more at ease with it when the design and site structure is simple. Furthermore, technical SEO deals with issues such as Google’s bot crawling, links indexing, site structure, URL structure, and so on.

Local SEO

It’s a method of increasing the visibility of a website or business in local searches. If a company is based in a specific city and someone searches for a keyword in that city. The search engine returns results or businesses that are close to the search location. That is because of the local search optimization.

The local SEO procedure revolves around setting up Google My Business account, increasing review & ratings, maps citations, etc. Furthermore, the most important method of local optimization is near me optimization.

Search Console And Google Analytics Setup

Google provides two basic tools for tracking all on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO activities. Google Analytics allows you to track organic and paid traffic, search results, and monthly visitors to your website. Furthermore, Google Search Console, formerly known as the Google Webmaster tool, can be utilized for link indexing, crawler issues, server errors, site loading issues, and a variety of other site and search engine issues.

Our highly qualified SEO team will install these tools on your website. So that you can instantly monitor the results and challenges.