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A smart way to give potential growth to business is email marketing. More customers mean more growth in the business. Plus, other than the smart way, email marketing is also the easiest and direct way to grab more customers.

Customers love to receive updates from their favorite company or business. Softmium helps its clients to establish a connection between customers and businesses by providing the email marketing service. Email marketer experts at Softmium works on the agenda to make the client’s customers happy. Therefore, they plan to send monthly newsletters and promotional emails to attract the customers with opting proper email marketing strategy.

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Don’t ever miss the opportunity of using the email marketing service from Softmium as according to the latest research 9 billion people are using email applications around the whole world. Not only this, but it is also observed that almost 91% of people love to keep eye on email regularly. In addition, 1/3 consumers of the company make purchases from what they receive in their email inbox. Also, 86% of consumers feel satisfied by receiving the emails from their favorite company or with which they do the business. So, it can be easily concluded that how much email marketing is essential for a successful business.

What Softmium do in providing the Email Marketing Service?

Softmium works with strategy, emphasize on attractive call-to-action, do advertisements, and provide detailed reporting in offering this service.

Works with strategy

In making the strategy, Softmium do efforts to track the audience of its clients. We target the audience of our clients based on their interests. After analyzing the target audience, we at Softmium try to create compelling content that will be helpful to convert the leads into customers. Compelling content can be a newsletter or any promotional content, depends on the client’s business and interest of the client’s audience.

We also consider the industry of our clients to build a strong strategy because the understanding of the industry is mandatory to do effective email marketing. Softimum has the potential to do a custom email marketing strategy according to the industry demands.

More than the above, Softmimum professionals build the email list by presenting attractive flavors like eBooks, quizzes, free guides or many other things.

Attractive call-to-action

Call-to-action over the website is very crucial for effective email marketing. We at Softmium work on the provision of attractive call-to-action over the client’s website. Therefore, call-to-action directly convert visitors into potential email subscribers. Eventually, email subscribers can be direct buyers or customers.


Other than using the call-to-action strategy, Softmium uses advertisement mechanisms to increase the email list of the subscribers. In the advertisement, email experts at Softmium integrate social media advertisement and search engine advertisements to promote the client’s attractive offers.

At last, maintain a list of engaging email subscribers to make the email marketing successful.

Email Marketing Reporting

Softimum belief to give confidence to its clients. Therefore, we provide detailed reporting regarding email marketing performance. In maintaining email marketing performance, we consider the subscribers, conversions, open-rates, and click through rates. These data will be helpful to improve the strategies of email marketing.

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